First of all, it was hard to find a picture that resembled Rome. Rome is tall, lean/muscular, with red, black-tipped hair. The guy on the left (from Pinterest so I couldn’t track down his name) resembles his body type and the expression he pulls half the time. The guy in the centre (from Tumblr so again I couldn’t track him down) resembles his wild side and hair length (and those shoulders… yeee) and on the right is Nick Bateman- who resembles Rome’s dark eyes… and what he wears half the time.

Not a lot is known about the two demonic brothers just yet, so I don’t want to give too much away. What is clear, however, is Rome is definitely the meanest of the pair. Being older, he is bossy, impatient, short-tempered and has a hatred aimed at the human species. He has an elaborate plan set out to take down the Rowdyruff Boys and makes a point to refuse to ever speak in favour of their rule. When discovering Buttercup shares a ‘blood bond’ with the Ruffs, he expects the worst and is ready to kill her for it. However, discovering she is only another victim of them, he takes it upon himself to protect her.

Rome, like his brother, are part of the ‘Second Circle’ of Hell which entitles them to Lust-driven powers… which he likes to aim at bystanders for his and his brother’s gain. Apparently being born of an Incubus demon allows certain powers to entice and seduce, as well as drive Rome and Cain (or anyone else that shares a bond with them) to each other via desire.

However, his powers have been a little off since he turned them on one human girl who gets on his nerves more than anyone else has…

‘Fun’ Facts

Rome heavily resembles his father, and it is a sore subject

He is eight minutes older than his little brother Cain, and he uses it against him constantly

His favourite drink is red wine


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