Lailah- Katherine McNamara

Lailah Bennett

Not to be confused with my 10YFN character Leyla, Lailah is a character in Wild Eyes whose story started well before the Powerpuff Girls did.

Above is Katherine McNamara. I don’t know much about her… I know she is an actress. To be honest I just looked up ‘Strawberry blonde’ and when her picture came up I thought she was perfect for Lailah. Lailah is innocent and sweet, youthful when she died but now a vicious, obedient soldier and servant in the bottom layer of Hell… I feel the middle picture captures this perfect.

Not much is known about Lailah yet, so I won’t give too much away. What is certain is that Lailah was nineteen years old when she died, pregnant with triplets courtesy of Bane breaking a sacred rule of Angel/Demon relations. While he views her pregnancy as a punishment, Lailah embraced her newfound motherhood and could not face life without her children. After Bane attacked her, she took her own life and made a deal with the Devil himself.

What is known about the deal involves her two surviving sons, Cain and Rome, dedicating their lives as force behind the Devil’s authority. They are bounty hunters for the deepest circle of Hell, where the Devil (their grandfather) resides with Lailah.

While Lailah lived her life on Earth as a shy, sweet and caring young girl, she is a shadow of what she once was under the Devil’s thumb. Lailah can be seen as a slave, as well as a soldier. She is not well known outside of royalty itself, as anybody who does face her rarely lives to tell the tale. She is under Satan’s orders, so lives to punish and serve at his command.

There are rumours, however. Only whispers as of yet. You see, Lailah is out for vengeance. Both for the man that took away her life and the life of her children. It’s the one thing she and her ‘boss’ have in common.

Lailah lives for the day she brings Bane home for his punishment against her. She awaits in Hell, living out her deal, until the day comes she can finally face the man who sent her there in the first place.

However, there may be more than a ‘deal’ holding Lailah to Hell…