I would be a pretty mean author if I introduced the Ruffs’ mother without giving her her own page! And who better to represent the dusky, lost soul of Jezebel than The Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen!?

I can’t give away too much about Jez just yet, because I’ve been keeping a lot about her locked away- a lot like how she has been!

Jezebel was just eighteen-years-old when she became the next target of Bane’s obsession- right after he was cursed by Lailah and rejected Hell’s reign for a life on Earth. Perhaps young Jez had something to do with it?

Jezebel and Bane were together long enough to conceive the now-infamous Rowdyruff Boys, but somewhere along the way- it went very, very wrong. Jezebel- believe it or not- rejected Bane- the big, bad Lust Demon!

Bane, however, did not take the rejection lightly and pleaded for another chance with her, especially after sensing she was pregnant. After finding out about Lailah, Jezebel refused to speak to him. To Bane, that was his signal to eliminate the obstacles in the way- namely, Lailah and her unborn children.

Understandably, Lailah didn’t take it well.

Bane would not give up on his pursuit of Jezebel even after she turned him down. Even though they had been together physically, it was not enough for the now-cursed Bane. He wanted her forever. He even went as far as slaughtering all of her friends so she would have no choice in being with him. Eventually, Jezebel gave in enough for him to give her a home for her boys- but Bane’s violence finally became too much and she tried to run around the time the boys were five.

Bane did not take rejection lightly, and in a rage he killed her and sent her to his Circle.  The only one to witness this was Butch, who has kept it from his brothers all these years.

Waiting in Hell, Lailah took her revenge on Jezebel and made sure she would never be able to leave to rejoin him. She locked Jezebel away and she was only released when Ciacco thought it would be fun to release her to Lailah’s wrath and show Brick what Bane was capable of.

But what’s next for the Ruff Mother in Hell? I guess only time can tell… 😉