Sadly I have no idea who the two above are- one from Pinterest and the other from Coolchaser. I’ve had Jayden in my head for a long time and he’s been around since the very first chapter of 9 Months- as a troublemaker, that is.

Jayden was first described as looking like a ‘drugged up vampire’ and not much has changed in the years Buttercup first knew him in high school. Despite being a part of Buttercup’s circle of friends in school, Buttercup never trusted him. Perhaps for good reason, as Jayden can be seen as the sole reason Buttercup got in the entire mess with Butch in the first place- drugging Buttercup in the hopes of sleeping with her. Not much is known about Jayden after Buttercup threatened him, but I sure made him pay for it.

I don’t know why I couldn’t leave Jayden alone, but he’s back with Cass through the whole of Wild Eyes and in a big way. Since the first chapter, Buttercup is horrified to see her friend from the past doing so ‘well’ in the demon-run world. However, his drug-selling days are short lived. Within a few weeks of his experience at the top, he finds himself at the bottom rung of the food chain when his demon leader Ash tells him they can get what he offers cheaper, so they’re ready to bump him off.

His unlikely saviour comes in the form of dimwitted, buff, chain-wielding Cain, who claims his undying love for him at first sight. Doubtful but in debt, Jayden reluctantly makes it up to Cain- but without knowing the full consequences. Once knowing he will forever have to spend his life beside Cain as his mate (a guy of all things) Jayden runs away to find the only person he thinks can help him… Buttercup.

‘Fun’ Facts

Jayden is the shortest of the bunch- he stands a few inches shorter than Buttercup and Tyler, an inch shorter than Cass (a few feet under Cain and Rome)

Despite his playboy reputation, Jayden was a virgin before he met Cain. Despite his insistence to the contrary, he is known to get jealous easily when it comes to Cain.

He has previously been addicted to cocaine and (for a brief spell) heroin, to try to manage the loss of his friends/family


Whenever I need to get into Jayden’s head, I blast some kick-ass punk/metalcore music. My favourite for shaping Jayden’s voice is Beartooth, balanced out with some All Time Low.


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