Cass has been Buttercup’s best friend since elementary school. While she had a few appearances in ‘9 Months’ as Buttercup’s main support after she got pregnant, I couldn’t resist making her into a main character in ‘Wild Eyes’ after she came to Buttercup’s aid running away from Butch in the final chapters of 9 Months.

Like Buttercup, having to fight for her life in a demon-infested world has toughened her up to be a fighter. Her loyalty to Buttercup has tested the boundaries of six years together and helping her to raise her daughter, Emerald, who has gotten so close to her she is known as ‘Aunty Cass’. She carries her pistol everywhere and guards Emerald especially with her life.

Above is Lights who, if you haven’t heard of her before, is a indie synth-style pop singer. I don’t have too many of her songs but every time I listen to one it reminds me of Cass’ character. Sweet, gentle, but strong. Cass is spunky and has an alternative style. While in 9 Months she frequently dyed her hair, now travelling around with Buttercup she has gone back to her brunette roots.

Cass is very protective of both Emerald and Buttercup, which leads her to be very suspicious of anyone who could be seen as a threat. She stands up to Jayden on behalf of Buttercup’s concerns and takes an immediate dislike to Rome and Cain, the new demon arrivals. Although, one can’t blame Cass for the dislike- as soon as he can Rome taunts her with his best lust-driven antics, and somehow she can’t get him out of her head.

Nonetheless, Cass is well-aware that in the new demon-run world, humans only last for so long…

‘Fun’ Facts

Cass’ real first name is Cassandra

She has never had a real boyfriend

Her favourite weapon of choice is a pistol


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