parker hurley2serge henir


To the left is the lovely Parker Hurley, to the right is Serge Henir. Hurley seems to represent Cain’s state of mind half the time, as well as his innocent face and kind eyes. Henir is definitely Cain’s body type- buff. 

Cain is Rome’s younger brother, and definitely acts the part. While Rome is aggressive and bossy, Cain is more laid back and tends to be more… clueless. Cain wears chains most of the time and can be seen as the muscle of the group in how he uses them in battle. Definitely the brawn and not the brain, Cain is happy to follow his brother in their plans to take down the Rowdyruff Boys. Usually he is very good at taking orders, although lately he has been slightly distracted.

Cain met Jayden when they were scoping out the clubs to track down the best way to get to the Ruffs. When hearing the drug dealer was under threat of being replaced, Cain offered a deal with Ash to rescue Jayden. While Jayden was grateful to the demons for saving his life, he didn’t seem to realise just how committed Cain was to the human. Against his brother’s orders, he marked Jayden within a few days of first meeting him. With a demonic mate for life, Jayden ran off and Cain immediately hunted him down without a second thought- taking him straight into the path of Buttercup and another world of drama.

‘Fun’ Facts

Cain is the youngest of the brothers

He secretly loves to dance and sing (though he isn’t very good at either)

He must listen to calming music if he hasn’t killed anyone/worked out/been with Jayden within a few days, to keep his adrenaline and demonic energy levels down


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