Buttercup (known as ‘B’, ‘BC’ or ‘Belle’)

Phew! I finally found pictures I deemed Buttercup-worthy- and represent her three main looks. The pretty, the casual and the kickass.

After her death, Buttercup’s unborn child managed to heal her, simultaneously filling her with demonic blood and turning the Green Puff  into a THROAT SLITTING DEMON ASSASSIN!

In the last six years Buttercup has built back up her Chemical X (after being pregnant twice) and in addition has learned more skills with the books she stole from Bane’s apartment. With Cass and her daughter Em by her side, Buttercup is on a mission to get her son back and rescue her sisters from the Ruffs’ demonic wrath.

The problem? Nobody knows Buttercup is still alive except those closest to her. Her memory died when Butch’s actions spread across the town, along with the town’s eventual spiral into a demonic world. Without the strongest Powerpuff, the town’s hope died with her.

The Green Puff’s strength may be back better than ever but there’s still a lot for her to face- a growing army, a world turning to evil and a vicious ex-lover who would be out to capture her if he ever found out she survived. She has a sword, she has her knowledge and she has her youngest baby…

But she’s going to need a lot more than that to take the Ruff’s empire down.


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