I wasn’t able to track down who the gorgeous specimen on the left is (re-ow!) but I know the gentleman on the right as Micah Truitt, so at least I can say I try giving credit where sexy credit is due! While the picture on the left seems- in my opinion- too polished and *pretty* for Butch’s character, it captures the bod perfectly! The unknown beauty on the left definitely presents Butch’s dark glare, determination, set jaw… all the stuff that made Butch, Butch, even before he unleashed his demon blood.

Butch has been reeling, riddled with guilt after accidentally killing the mother of his son and the infamous green Powerpuff, Buttercup. Trying to pick up the pieces purely in Blayze’s best interests, he assists his brothers in the takeover of Townsville, leading demons to quickly storm the rest of the country and, eventually, the world.

While Butch clings to Buttercup’s memory, his brothers insist he move on and make a new life for Blayze.

However, his past may be closer, and more eager for a meeting, than he ever would have expected…

‘Fun’ Facts

While Butch is not my character *pout* I do enjoy painting him in my own way. He is quick to temper, but has a genuine heart which is scarred, being the only one of his brothers to see their mother’s murder by their own father, Bane. He has kept this fact a secret, a decision that may come back to haunt him one day…

Butch marked Buttercup as his mate in the first chapter of ‘9 Months’, hence why he can never stay away from her and why he can transport to her (thanks to his temporary boost of demonic energy by Mojo spiking his drink with blood)

Butch can only properly sleep if Blayze is nearby. Without his son beside him he only ‘rests’ and leaves him feeling frustrated and distressed. This is a side effect of him being separated from his mate, believing she is dead.


Five Finger Death Punch! Without giving too much away, Butch and Buttercup both flourish in my head when I blast some FFDP. And, hey, they have some interesting ‘love’ songs, so that’s my defence in that regard.