Bubbles Utonium

 Katarina Pudar Bubbles 2 Katarina Pudar Bubbles

To the left is the lovely Katarina Pudar, a model I discovered while randomly surfing the net that reminds me of an older Bubbles. While only in her early 20s, Wild Eyes shows Bubbles trying her best to piece together the life Buttercup left behind- a life of terror and fear at the hands of the Rowdyruffs. Matters are made more compex when she is married to her former arch-nemesis Boomer, and finds herself relying on him as she and her sister Blossom are ripped apart at the Rowdyruff’s home- their own prison.

While Bubbles may be known as the meek, weakened one of the group, it is only a matter of time before she stands up for what she was raised to be. Even without her powers and a daughter by her side, Bubbles is biding her time to show the world just how much of a fighter she is.








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