This page is late and I do apologise. It took me so long to find a good representation of Brick that I was stalling. Finally, I found some! The above guys serve well as my inspiration for Brick. He seems to be the strong, silent type that always looks troubled. I imagine him with cropped, rust coloured hair that’s always messy. Like a modern day viking! (Mmm)

The only one I was able to identify in the above pictures is Levi Stocke who is a gorgeous model (second from right), but all of the above kind of capture Brick’s overall appearance… except the bearded look. Not sold on the beard look for Brick. Far right, if anything… because he gets kind of scruffy.

Brick has lived so long as the strong, determined, fearless leader of the Ruffs that it is hard to imagine him as anything but. He has lived so long being the fearless boss of his brothers, that he immediately faltered at discovering their father, Bane, was alive and well and wanted back in their lives.

In fact, the lives of the Ruffs and their roles were completely turned upside down at the discovery and unleashing of their demonic heritage. Still, Brick struggled to maintain control and knowledge of the situation. He was the one to find out Bane was a Lust Demon, and therefore they had access to Lust abilities.

His relationship with Blossom was a struggle from the beginning. Still attempting to manage his demonic blood, he would lash out at her and lose control, something he couldn’t handle. The Pink Puff was always the one to calm him down and bring him back to Earth. Against the Red Ruff’s main personal rule, he started relying on her, giving her the power.

Brick’s struggle to maintain power has fueled many of their fights, including those with his oldest son, Bruiser. Brick wants to be the best Dad he can, but can’t seem to separate his role as a ruthless leader and his responsibility as a loving father. In a world that wants to eat them alive, he has learned to always be ready to fight. The sad thing is, Little Bruiser isn’t ready for that just yet.

Brick really bit the bullet in his fight when he aimed for the wrong person and she was caught in the crossfire, Cass.

Since Cass was killed, Brick has gone through some major changes to his psyche and his appearance.  Killing an angel, even accidentally, has repercussions that even the lowest of all Hell’s circles don’t fully understand.

The question now is… will we ever see the human side of Brick again?