Admittedly, Boomer’s inspiration was actually fun to track down. I still see Boomer as an innocent boyish figure, despite being a mid-20’s demon fighting alongside his evil brothers. To me, he’ll always be the lil’est blond pipsqueak of the trio!

All three pictures are of Devin Paisley and I believe he is a male model/actor. He’s a little more ‘polished’ than I imagine Boomer would be, but nonetheless possesses the look of Boomer’s boyish charm, sultry good looks and (at times) moodiness.

To give credit where credit is due, Boomer has grown up a lot and, thanks to his demonic blood, is fully aware of how much damage he can cause and isn’t afraid to do it. He’s stood up to his brothers now more times than he can count, has taken charge and even put his brothers in their place. While they are now more of a team, Boomer appears to have distanced himself from his family.

His link to Bubbles is crucial in Wild Eyes and is fun to write. While Boomer is torn between proving his worth to his bloodline and protecting his family, he doesn’t want to let his wife down. There will come a time when he will have to choose…

‘Fun’ Facts

Boomer can boss anybody around and has grown to enjoy it. Anybody, that is, except his wife and former enemy, Bubbles. Boomer’s other weakness is (and you can probably guess) his little girl, Bliss. Admittedly, he was first disappointed at finding out his first born was a girl, but when he saw her for the first time- and the strength and power Bubbles showed in delivering her- it was love at first sight.

Boomer firmly believes that being a demon should have no impact on the relationships that surround him, but is haunted by Butch’s experience with Buttercup. He hates losing control and losing himself in a demonic rage, and doesn’t know how to control it without Bubbles. He has a secret fear that he won’t be able to shake it one day, and he will do something he won’t be able to take back.

Have you ever noticed how similar Boomer and Cain are? Only, Boomer is a little smarter than Cain is (shocking, right?!)


Skillet (the band) always helps me when I’m stuck on Boomer’s character. Even though he sounds badass (like the music) he has a good heart and is fighting his own battle with himself most of the time.