Okay, let me start by saying I really struggled to find the right guy that tapped into my image of Bane. There wasn’t any model scruffy or dark enough to really get Bane’s evil look. And let me also say I’ve never finished an episode of Game of Thrones– I heard there was a canine death and I quit that so fast it was as if it was on fire. (I don’t do any dog deaths- nopenopenope.) 

BUT I know the lovely Jason Momoa as you see above. He is the closest I could get to finding someone who looked enough like Bane- especially with all the evil faces he likes to pull (despite the fact IRL apparently he’s a really sweet guy). He played Drogo in Game of Thrones and he’s confirmed to be playing Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League film. And (arguably, more importantly) he fits the closest to my image of Bane, youngest son of Satan and the Ruff’s biological father. He is muscular, dark hair, tan, with some sexy dark eyes and a smouldering smirk. Being a Lust Demon (Incubus) this is one of Bane’s main strengths.

I can’t give too much away about Bane, but here is some background already known. Bane is well aware his father is the Devil himself, one of the few ‘blessed’ to be born royalty in Hell. As he was gifted with the ability to seduce and manipulate, he was sent to the second circle for training as one of his primary soldiers in the Lust sector. While Lust is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Bane was angered at being dismissed in such a way while his other blood relatives ruled the deeper circles in Hell. After moving up the ranks with distinguished prowess, he was given the ultimate challenge of seducing an Angel, Lailah, from her destiny of accomplishing good in the world to prove his worth in Hell.

However, Bane was impatient, inexperienced and filled with fear he might fail. He attacked and forced himself on Lailah. She never gave into him, so she never lost her Angelic destiny.

Despite Bane thinking he had accomplished his mission, fate had other ideas. He grew weaker, sicker and could no longer function in Hell. There were rumours circling, that a Devil’s son had failed, and in turn there were whispers of an ultimate punishment awaiting the culprit. He grew nervous. He escaped back to Earth, where he began scrambling for any semblance of his old self. There, he met a young girl. She was not innocent, like his regular victims were, but a sweet spitfire unlike any he had met before. He wanted to love her, stay with her, but he couldn’t seem to. He didn’t know why. Even when she became pregnant with his children, he was frustrated to find he could not seem to seduce and manipulate her like he had with others.

He again was pulled back to Lailah, sure it was her fault. He found her pregnant, too, and was thrown into a panic. Demons and Angels were not meant to procreate. Demons were meant to rip off Angel wings, leave them alone and reduced to nothing but being human. They were supposed to turn. After learning she was also expecting triplets, Bane only grew more frantic that this was his punishment. Faced with the consequence of his attack of an Angel, Bane lashed out and made sure his children would not survive. He was sure he would cover his tracks, this time, and hide his failure.

After the attack, he returned to be with Jezebel. Now confident he could give himself to her, he embraced whatever humanity he had left to try and be a good father.

However, Jezebel did not trust him. She hadn’t grown to love him like he had her, and she could see the evil that still existed in him. In turn, she was adamant on keeping her children away from him. He was reduced to following her, obsessing and pining. When Jezebel tried to run, Bane grew only more violent. Furious and frustrated, he was lost in his own heartbreak and regret on Earth. Brick, Boomer and Butch do not remember their father much as a result. When Bane finally caught up with Jezebel and again tried to be with her, it was Butch who had the misfortune to witness Bane losing his temper and killing the Ruff’s mother.

Having lost Jezebel and sure all other ties to Earth were taken care of, Bane was resigned to accept he could not raise his children. He used his ties to Earth-dwelling demons to find ‘Scientist’ Mojo Jojo, who he was sure could protect the Ruffs through any means necessary.

While Bane was meant to return to Hell, he never did. Whether it was because he was saddled with guilt or whether he knew there was a storm waiting for him back home, he instead hid himself in the depths of the city, waiting and surviving. He was resigned to simply exist, his days of seduction and Hell behind him. Aside from the occasional feast of blood to quell his demonic thirst, Bane got by acting human, resigned to his new life.

That is, until he ran into his new neighbour, an eighteen-year-old pregnant runaway by the name of “Bella”…

‘Fun’ Facts

Bane is wanted in Hell, so he hasn’t yet returned since the birth of his children. His father, the Devil, has put a bounty on his head for him to be brought back alive only. 

Bane did not mean to kill Lailah that night! He was only aiming for her stomach. He eveb called an ambulance for her. He did not want the burden of killing an Angel on top of all his failures. Lailah was responsible for her death, so in turn Bane does not carry the curses that come with killing an angel. He is, however, punished in another way…

Lust Demons have the ability to transport to their chosen mate. Jezebel was always Bane’s choice for a mate- he knew it the moment he saw her his heart belonged to her. However, whenever Bane tries to transport to his desired mate, he is always brought back to Lailah’s apartment. He doesn’t know why this happens, and it infuriates him to no end.