How to Completely Weird out your Relatives/Friends with your Reading/Writing habits

Greetings all! Happy June! I don’t mind June. It’s midway through the year, it’s finally Summer here… and… ugh. It’s my birthday month. Eep.

I’ve been distracting myself from my increasing awareness of my age by READING. Believe it or not, I need to prepare to write my next chapter of Wild Eyes.

How, you ask? (Or more, ‘wtf are you on about Dino, you bloody weirdo’)…

Well- this!


And that my friends is the answer to the question I always wondered- ‘What would be the most awkward response to “Whatchya readin’ there?”‘

It’s a good book, though. I’m learning so much!

And it may come in handy for next chapter ūüėČ

Which will be released¬†this month. To reach my deadline, it’s a chapter a month!

Current Wild Eyes Word Count: 7,388 words

So… how’s everyone else’s Summer going? ūüėÄ


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Wild Eyes Update

Hello Strangers!

I know, I’m so sorry! I’ve been so busy travelling and trying to get back into work, scheduling a minor surgery and preparing for my Masters that I’ve been neglecting my writing! Trust me… it’s sending me off the crazy end!

The good news is that I’ve¬†finally¬†finished Chapter 24! I’m currently at¬†40,630¬†words and doing some proofreading on my lunch break. Bad news is that I haven’t yet started on review replies, which can usually take a day or so.

But¬†bear¬†with me! I’ll have the chapter¬†done¬†by the end of the week, at the very latest!

…Perfect timing for all your studying, right? Heh. Heh. I’m terrible.


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Hello May!

Wow, May already?!


Okay. I guess I have some explaining to do.

I did go to Australia! And I had a blast. I loved seeing all of my family and friends. My BFF took days off work to hang out with me, my brother took me on an amazing hike and I had some wonderful coffee dates with my beloved Papa. I saw three movies! I never go to the movies! I felt very spoiled and, of course, it broke my heart to leave.

If I could babble for a bit, it was the second hardest decision of my life to leave my homeland to come to the US. I was in a bad place in Australia and there were some horrible memories attached. It felt good to go back and make peace with everything. Some parts were hard, but it was rewarding… heartbreaking to leave them behind all over again, though. With this new graduate degree starting in August, I have no idea when I’ll be able to go back! I’m terrified, I’ll admit.

SO with all of that emotion going on, it was hard to write. Usually writing is my best way to escape, but I found I couldn’t if I was to take in what I could of my trip home. But not¬†writing always gets me in my own funk. I feel unproductive and blah.

SO I got in a funk, and I felt heartbroken and homesick that I had to leave my family/friends again. And I couldn’t write, so it just made me more sad. So I’ve been in this stupid writer’s block funk for a while and I’m disappointed I couldn’t get anything out for April. April, historically, has never been a fun month for me.

But May is a new month! I’m off to England on Saturday for a week with my Mum for long-awaiting mother/daughter trip, so best case scenario I finally get my butt in gear to finish the chapter before then. I started off writing so fast and got so much done, but since then I feel my writing has gone way downhill. I’m going to have to edit like a madman!

Or, my other favourite Jetlag remedy, scull coffee!


Wild Eyes Word Count: 23,189

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April 4th Update!

Ello all!

I for one am¬†excited!¬†Today is my last day at work for¬†three whole weeks while I’m off visiting my beloved, much-missed homeland of Australia. I’m meeting my cowboy tonight and he’ll take me to the airport tomorrow. Eeek! I can’t wait!!

Even though it’s about 24 hours of sweaty, dry, cramped travel… but eh. I have books. And my laptop. And about three composition books of notes. Yeah, my back will suffer. But again… eh.

I’m hoping to do more writing while I’m away. I’m looking forward to just relaxing and reading. Lately I’ve been so caught up in the drama of my masters, it’ll be fun to just get away from it all and finally have time to read and just chill. I’m heading over to actually graduate from my main course, which will be fun. I’ve never graduated from college before. That’s new.

Current word count for Wild Eyes is¬†12,812¬†words. It’s always random whether I’ll get time to write while travelling. I hate pulling down my tray table if I’m not eating, because then I feel claustrophobic and my legs start acting like they’ve never moved in their life. But I do like to write while in the terminal, because I despise LAX.

No offence to anyone who likes LAX… actually, some offence. No, a lot of offence. Who the Heck likes LAX?! The place is a hole. Especially Tom Bradley. The place reminds me of a 500 year old shopping mall. Blech.

Anyway, I’m happy to be off to my happy place and here’s hoping I’ll still be in my writing zone… albeit in another time zone!

Wishing you all a happy week!tumblr_nnuufsvh6y1tzv1dpo1_500


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March 28th Update

I’m already starting on chapter 24 of Wild Eyes… not to mention some other projects I’ve been working on! Muahahah! *Evil laughter here*

Current Word Count: 4,237 (plan/outline completed)

I’ve also been working on pages for Brick/the Devil. I think I have their pictures together! It was a nightmare, I’m so fussy. Why do all hot guys have beards, these days? I can’t tell if they’re attractive or mean-looking enough… a beard just covers everything! I like beards, don’t get me wrong, but it’s almost cheating in a way! All I see is¬†LOGGER-VIKING-MANLINESS!

Thanks to all who found time to leave a review for Wild Eyes! It really boosts my confidence and motivation to write. Without my man around (working out on an isolated ranch, right now) it’s hard to find some motivation!

Which reminds me, time for more happy gifs…(I found this one on AllGifs, but it appears to be made by someone named¬†chibird!)

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Chapter Twenty Three of Wild Eyes is Up!

I know, right?! Finally! 

Ya’ll better remember to tell me what you think!

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Wild Writer Woes

I’m STILL HERE! I swear, I’ve just been stuck on¬†one scene!¬†It’s driving me crazy because I have everything else in the chapter of Wild Eyes done and dusted but the¬†one scene¬†I can’t get right. It’s like I have to be in the right mood to do it.

I’m probably overthinking it, but I want to make sure I have the right tone. I dunno, it’s a big one. I’ve been re-reading old chapters and some stories I love for inspiration. Not to mention, blasting Disturbed and Metallica whenever I can. BOOM.

My gameplan is to finish this¬†one troublesome scene¬†tonight or tomorrow so it’ll be released by the weekend. I’m sorry it’s taken this long. I’m not usually so anal, but to be honest my reviews have gone down slightly and I’ve become self-conscious. It’s a side effect from my regular paradoxical writing approach of ‘the lazy critic’. I’m super self-conscious of how I write… but too lazy to do anything about it once it’s done. Like,¬†proofread?¬†Pfft!

I’m babbling. But anyway! I want to nail this chapter and it’s frustrating waiting for my creative juices to flow. I’m thinking locking myself up in the dark with some coffee and Charmed re-runs should do the trick. Right?!

Foolproof plan!

See you by the weekend!

Wild Eyes Word Count: 28,456



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