Chapter Twenty Three of Wild Eyes is Up!

I know, right?! Finally! 

Ya’ll better remember to tell me what you think!

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Wild Writer Woes

I’m STILL HERE! I swear, I’ve just been stuck on one scene! It’s driving me crazy because I have everything else in the chapter of Wild Eyes done and dusted but the one scene I can’t get right. It’s like I have to be in the right mood to do it.

I’m probably overthinking it, but I want to make sure I have the right tone. I dunno, it’s a big one. I’ve been re-reading old chapters and some stories I love for inspiration. Not to mention, blasting Disturbed and Metallica whenever I can. BOOM.

My gameplan is to finish this one troublesome scene tonight or tomorrow so it’ll be released by the weekend. I’m sorry it’s taken this long. I’m not usually so anal, but to be honest my reviews have gone down slightly and I’ve become self-conscious. It’s a side effect from my regular paradoxical writing approach of ‘the lazy critic’. I’m super self-conscious of how I write… but too lazy to do anything about it once it’s done. Like, proofread? Pfft!

I’m babbling. But anyway! I want to nail this chapter and it’s frustrating waiting for my creative juices to flow. I’m thinking locking myself up in the dark with some coffee and Charmed re-runs should do the trick. Right?!

Foolproof plan!

See you by the weekend!

Wild Eyes Word Count: 28,456



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March Update

Soooooo I bet you’re wondering how I did on my Social Studies exam?!

Well… I needed 237 to pass.


I got 237!


I know right?! Not bad for someone who has a modern history degree with a European focus and passed a test with mostly Ancient and American focuses! I passed both English and History requirements to teach them! I’m stoked!

And with that- I finally submitted my Masters Application on time.

But Dino, I hear you thinking, If you finally got off your lazy butt and submitted your Masters application, why have you been so slack in updating us on your story? 

Well, I have an answer. You know my redneck boyfriend I moved halfway around the world for, who I just moved in with? He had the audacity to go work on a ranch about three hours away, leaving me with his crazy cat Snowflake. A few weeks ago he comes back with news that he has been offered a dream job at the ranch… three hours away. Where he’d have to stay… six months out of the year.

So basically, he refuses to take it unless I go with him… three hours away. In the middle of nowhere. Literally, it’s like a desert, surrounded by wind farms. It’s crazy.

But, I love the guy. So for the past few weeks I’ve been busy writing, but at the same time discussing this big decision with him. If I do get into the Masters course, it won’t be too much of a big deal, going to school and getting school placements for practical work. It’s only a year, and that I can deal with. The main issue is getting a job in the future that I’d be able to fit into his six months there/six months here schedule.

Worst part is? Living at the ranch would be the perfect opportunity for me to write. Like, try and get something published. The HORROR! I’d actually have to finish something, which makes me want to hyperventilate at the thought.

Yeah, yeah I know! The opportunity to fulfill my dreams shouldn’t fill me with fear. But it does. Because I’m a scaredy cat like that.

So. Yeah. That’s why I’ve been so quiet lately. Life-changing decisions, and all.

TLDR: Adult stuff, ew. 

Anyway- back to fun writing stuff!

Wild Eyes Word Count: 10,346

With my guy gone, I’ve been able to write a lot more… when that bloody cat isn’t in the way. This upcoming weekend has some crappy weather my way, so perfect for writing! *WOO!*

This chapter’s a fun one! I’ve been reading a lot for inspiration and am keen to get back into a simplistic writing style, but I feel like I’ve been low on my emotions lately… trying to get back into some heart-racing emotive tone.

With that, I feel I should stop rambling. Hopefully I’ll double my word count this weekend and be able to sort out the big scenes… they’re kind of daunting.

I’ll leave you today with this cute motivational otter. Thank you, Otter!tumblr_ngbhpvos8y1rmj5xdo1_r1_500

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February Update

Howdy ya’ll!

Sorry for being so quiet lately, I’ve had a lot come up. I have my history exam (hopefully!) next week, it’ll be the last on my list in applying for my Masters. Well, that and my personal essays- which are hanging over my head.

I still have some observation hours to attend, which led me to being recruited to bake Valentine’s Day cookies for ‘Sweetie-Grams’ at the local High School. Started with 58, now we’re at 147. Joy! So lately my precious laptop has been covered in a lot of powdered sugar and buried under history notes.

I’ve also been fretting about the upcoming Wild Eyes chapter- some big scenes I don’t want to mess up. While I think I have most nailed, there’s one that’s still bugging me. ONE! And editing. It’ll be a small one, but hopefully worthwhile (:

Whelp. Tonight I’ll be making and icing another 50 cookies before preparing my Valentine’s Day prezzie for my redneck boyfriend (putting a bow on a bottle of Crown), check over my history chapter then, fingers crossed, I can finally finish this Gosh-Darn troublesome chapter!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Wild Eyes Word Count: 23,892

(Accurate representation of my baking skillz):



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It’s a Harry Potter kind of Update

Yo, Yo! I’ve been so busy lately I’ve only just managed to check back in! GAH!

SO the other day I was clicking through my checklist for the Master’s Degree I want to do when I realised my application is actually due March 1st instead of April 1st like last year. I promptly freaked out and went through the check list. Turns out, I need to do 3 exams by then.

I don’t have the proper words to express how much I freaked out, so I’ll let the team from Harry Potter do it for me-


Yeah. So. The last week or so has been me running around crazily trying to study for an exam that, sure, most American school kids would probably ace. But seeing as I learned everything from an Australian institution, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I have limited knowledge on American texts and the school system, so I’m starting from scratch here. Plus, I have to do 15 hours (at least) of observation hours at an American School, and I’m still chasing down my Australian degree.

Oh, and also- my pickup broke down. I’ve been trying to sell my car, but no luck. I’ve found some good deals on the SUVs I want… but they are one state over. So, I have to spend my weekend trekking over there for the joy of CAR SHOPPING! *Ugh*

Again, I’ll express my emotions through Harry Potter-5e34b54ea5d5ae5ed17d526995f1f8ff

That’s why I may be a little delayed in my updates. Any free time I get from studying and adult stuff is spent on Wild Eyes. But.. I don’t want to half-ass this chapter, for obvious reasons. I’m a little on edge about how it will go down. I’ve actually completed most of the main scenes… it’ll be a shorty, but hopefully a goodie!

Current Word count for Wild Eyes: 15,608

My first Exam is on Monday and it’s English. I’m hoping I’ll make it through okay. Granted, most are common sense answers, but it’s multiple choice, three hours long. I can’t do anything for three hours!

In the meantime, I’m aiming for 20,000-22,000 words on the Wild Eyes update, so I’m predicting once I’m done with this exam, I’ll be back into the flow.

…Unless I fail, then I’ll be lost in a pit of despair.

Have a great weekend, ya’ll!giphy3

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Ahhh the Days of Escaping Fate…

Just a quick note to say that I’ve been spending the last few days reading back on 9 Months just to get back some tone that I had back then. It’s hard to get in the *zone*, I guess. It feels like so long ago…probably because it was, I was in SCHOOL back then.

I was really needing a way to get back on that old track, then- BAM. Pickup dies.

I have to drive a replacement, which has a CD Player. I have several cherished CD’s but, of course, everyone knows one of my favourites is Escape the Fate!

I’ve been really enjoying rocking out to my old favourite band. So many good memories! It reminds me of a teenage Butch and Buttercup.

*Nostalgic Sigh*

Anyway, a little hint at what’s to come 😉

Wild Eyes Word Count: 9,694


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I Has Internets!

In the update of my Move of Doom, I finally have internet! A real router and everything. Well… wifi. But that’s big for me, because my family plan has limited data! I’ve been taking my laptop to work just to get some stuff done and email my story to myself back and forth, but now I can actually write at work and at my new place! Huzzuh!

I thought that was reason enough for an update- getting back to the real world!

Anyway, back to writing! I’m working on Wild Eyes, but I’m a little nervous. This chapter isn’t as long as my other ones and it feels wrong. I’m only aiming for 15,000-20,000 words so I’m hoping it’ll be out by Australia Day- January 26th!

I used to spend my Australia Days on the beach getting a horrible sunburn, but I’ll spend it this year freezing my butt off in -20 degree Celsius weather! Seriously, it’s an ice cube here in Oregon! I TOOK THE HEATWAVES OF AUSTRALIA SO FOR GRANTED!

So, I thought I’d cheer myself up for aiming for Aussie Day to release my new chapter.

Current word count for Wild Eyes: 7,265 words.

Side note: I’m working on 10 Years from Now! It’s been a while, but I forgot how much I used to write. Currently, I’m at 10,283 for 10YFN.

I don’t like to think about this too much, but I stopped writing 10YFN because the character’s reminded me too much of my past. They’re based on some people I knew at a dark time in my life, one of whom I used to date and wasn’t as loveable as the character he is based on.

I feel like taking back the character and the story, giving it the happy ending I intended it to have, will be my own way of showing I’ve taken back my life and given myself a fresh start. Step by step, word by word!

That’s me checking in. I won’t babble for too long… I do that enough in my stories 🙂

Sending love, wherever you are! ❤giphy1

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