About Me

So you want to know more about Dino?!


Well, first of all, my name isn’t really Dino. Shocking, I know. You know back in the early 2000’s when Emo-Kids were all the range and for some strange reason everyone ‘spoke’ dinosaur? Well, Rawr! I used to be exactly that. My best friend at the time’s screen name was DinosaursGoRawr or whatever (it has since been deleted), so when she and I fell out (major 15-year-old-drama) I responded by making my name DinosaursRDead. I found Fanfiction, found my little vision of paradise where I could write my own little scribbes of shows I like- and Dino was born!

I’ve been writing since I was about 10, but I only really found a passion for it in my last year of high school, when my English teacher said I was actually good at it and my marks weren’t just flukes. I hadn’t ever been told I was good at anything before, so it made me feel pretty special, I have to say.

I was born and raised in the suburbs West of Sydney, Australia and that will always be my home. I was raised by my beloved Dad, a true-blue trucker, alongside my younger (but bigger) brother. My Mum lives in the United States with my amazing stepfamily.

In May of 2014 I travelled with my childhood best friend to the States for three months to visit my Mum and celebrate my 22nd birthday. There, I learned all about the country culture of beer, rodeos and the fun that could be have with pickup trucks and fireworks. I also met a rough, gentle-hearted logger who made me forget about the past. I went back home in August 2014 but couldn’t get him out of my mind. Three months later, I quit my big city Sydney job to return to Oregon and give the United States a try.

I miss my Dad and home more than anything, but here is when I’m finding myself. Writing is a major part of who I am, and I would love nothing more than to write freely and without holding back. Wow, if I could actually finish a story- that would be fantastic! (It’s now been my New Years Resolution six years in a row!) But it seems when I start, I can’t stop. My characters are all in my head, and while everyone in the US thinks I’m too quiet, they would understand if they knew what was going on inside my head 😉




2 Responses to About Me

  1. GC-IC-MPD-ADHD says:

    Hey Dino, it’s me, a reader from fanfic.net! In a lot of A/Ns you mention your IG and I was wondering if I could follow you there too? If you’re okay with it I mean, I’d just like to be able to keep up with you!~ I tried with WordPress but that didn’t go well :/ but only if you want! To share your ig I mean 😅

    • YAY! I would be honored! Though I don’t post any interesting stuff, I’m warning you now 😛
      I am Lisraawwrr (still haven’t come up with a better name than the early 2000s era dinosaur talk) 😀

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