Buttercup Utonium

The pretty models above are what I portray Buttercup to be- only with shorter hair. She’s grown into a rebellious party animal, with the only thing on her mind being to have fun and to live life to the fullest…then that night came and everything changed.

No longer the sweet innocent Powerpuff, Buttercup soon finds herself powerless and pregnant, facing a difficult decision that will alter the course of her entire life. Her worst fears turn into her worst nightmare when she discovers the father of her baby- Butch. They clash and fight, but she is forced to enter an agreement that ends with Butch stealing the baby for himself.

The story’s perspective is told through Buttercup’s and Butch’s POV, and Buttercup gradually grows more mature and sensible through her unwanted pregnancy. As Butch tracks her down, she drops her usually fierce and stubborn nature for the saftey of her child, finally morphing into the motherly role. For her child, she abandons her family and runs off so she can have her baby and raise it by herself, rather being a single mother than give the baby to Butch. She forms a life all her own, growing to understand and bond with her baby as it grew, and growing to understand the power it held.

With the baby finally born, Buttercup will soon have to face a decision that can change the course of her life forever. As a young mother to her newborn son, she completely gives herself to her baby and devotes her life to good, despite being surrounded by evil.

Much more is in store for this young mother 😛


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