Butch Manson Jojo

Butch- now all grown up and meaner than ever- has got a new badass attitude towards our favourite Puffs in my story. Usually the boys keep a low profile, but they’ve decided to attempt regular teenage life as they attract to school and parties- one in particular that brought the lovely Butch and Buttercup together.

These guys above is what I picture Butch to be in the first section of the story, where in reality he and Buttercup and merely teenagers thrusted into the world of parenting when Butch apparently raped Buttercup. That turned out to be only half true, as Mojo tapped into the boys’ dark side by brewing a concoction that brought out the genetic demonic side of Butch. Now a father, the green ruff has adapted a much more serious, dark and protective side towards Buttercup and his new son Blayze, and would do anything to keep them his- sometimes he even mirrors his own father- Bane.

In 9 Months I added a little Original setting and created Bane, Butch’s father. Bane, a high class demon, has a lot of influence on Butch and the other Ruffs causing them to divulge further and further into their demonic roots. Who knows what our lil’ Butch could become?



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