9 Months

9 Months

9 Months is my other pride and joy, my Powerpuff Girls story that at points was flooding with reviews, causing me great, great happiness 🙂 Lately it has been a sad point for me, because I suddenly just reached a thick brick wall in terms of what to do in the next chapter, I’ve lost a kind of passion and some confidence at writing this story. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I have severe writer’s block with this story, and I’m trudging through the next chapter…slowly, but surely.

Whether it gets reviews, that’s something I cannot predict :S

Anyways, it’s a story of drama (of course) and angst, focusing on Butch (Green Rowdyruff Boy) and Buttercup’s struggle when an unintentional rape (it’s a long story) ends up with BC pregnant and Butch claiming ownership.

But the struggle becomes even harder when Buttercup runs away, accepting the hardship of being a young mother. Butch breaks down without her and is willing to do anything to get his unborn child and the mother of his child back. A whole new door opens when the Rowdyruff’s real parentage is revealed in the form of Bane, a form of demon that lives on the earth and happens to be the boys’ real father. Together with his new evil nature and new powers developing, Butch hunts Buttercup and his unborn child down, but revenge may not be the only thing on his mind.




1 Response to 9 Months

  1. meepdoodad says:

    writers block. focus on a key point. some stupid villain tries to steal the baby and buttercups maternal instincts kick in. just a thought

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