GAH. December?!

Well. Let me start by saying my whirlwind is continuing. I’m sorry for being so quiet for this long (months?!), but I’ve been trying hard to get my Masters Degree and working on my practice edTPA and questioning my life choices, and all. edTPA is Hell. But teaching is surprisingly fun! Today was my last day and I was actually pretty sad about it.

Also, I’ve been packing up a bunch of stuff because I’m moving! Three hours away, in a place blind to internet reception. GAH. I don’t know how I’ll survive.

Anyway my life’s been so chaotic I feel like I never get any time to write. Whenever I do, I feel guilty that I’m not doing schoolwork or planning lessons. It sucks. At least with moving, I won’t have Netflix to distract me, so I should be able to get more writing down! Uh… I hope!

So my life is a little hectic right now, aaaand I’m a little behind in my schedule for Wild Eyes, but I’m on break now! I’m hoping to have the next chapter out before or after Christmas- which means THIS MONTH- DECEMBER. Yes. Let’s do it!

Currently my word count for Chapter Twenty Eight is 12,899, so I’m about halfway done. December… let’s do it!

Until then, I will leave you with what I like to call ‘Bane’s Song’. By Bane’s song, I mean it includes romance, necrophilia, death and Hell- so listeners beware! 😉



About dinosaursrdead

A self confessed nerd who loves to write, mostly about anything and everything. I made this blog in the hopes that people would (hopefully) visit it and learn more about the characters I use...mostly for my own entertainment, and an excuse to procrastinate actual schoolwork.
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