Friday Update!

Ello my favourite readers! I hope everyone’s enjoying their Summer! 😀

(Not enough to give up indoor activities like reading and browsing Fanfiction online, because there goes my main audience!)

So much has happened since my last update- and by that, I mean one thing. But a big thing!

I finally adopted a doggo!



Well, that’s what he looked like when we picked him up from the shelter. Now he looks like this-


This is Dwight (former street name, Bahama) and he is a stray and a (they guess) Chihuahua mix. They think he’s about two years old. I’ve always wanted to adopt a shelter dog, but wasn’t ready after losing my Golden Lion, Sammy. I finally felt ready around my birthday, so my guy and I journeyed 2 hours to the nearest city and fell in love with Dwight here!

Dwight has a little separation anxiety, so he comes to work with me. The above picture is his dog pen, outside of my window at work. I spend my lunch breaks with him now, which sadly has left me with not much time for writing. He occupies my lap in the mornings/afternoons too, which makes it hard to type. He also needs help on the lead, which means I can’t listen to my music while walking to come up with story ideas. GAH.

Dwight- I love you. But you disrupt my creative loner lifestyle.

Jokes, jokes. I love Dwight already. It’s just been hectic having a new dog and I feel my writing is being neglected as a result. I don’t think I’ll have the next chapter of Wild Eyes ready in June, I’m aiming more first week of July. More for the editing process, really! Without my music my writing is lacking in emotion.

Thankfully, Dwight is a quick learner. He’s getting better at being left alone and is going great on the lead, so I can listen with one earbud in now. Soon he’ll be able to sleep on the bed- once potty trained!

(Don’t ask).

I’ve been writing a lot more lately (one scene is stressing me out, I keep avoiding it) but I only have about 8 scenes left. But… big ones!

Current Wild Eyes Word Count: 22,645 words


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A self confessed nerd who loves to write, mostly about anything and everything. I made this blog in the hopes that people would (hopefully) visit it and learn more about the characters I use...mostly for my own entertainment, and an excuse to procrastinate actual schoolwork.
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