Chapter Twenty Three of Wild Eyes is Up!

I know, right?! Finally! 

Ya’ll better remember to tell me what you think!


About dinosaursrdead

A self confessed nerd who loves to write, mostly about anything and everything. I made this blog in the hopes that people would (hopefully) visit it and learn more about the characters I use...mostly for my own entertainment, and an excuse to procrastinate actual schoolwork.
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3 Responses to Chapter Twenty Three of Wild Eyes is Up!

  1. JinxyClover says:

    Ironically I was actually a little worried you would update on Saturday because I wouldn’t have been able to read it xD I was playing Resident Evil 6 with my best from literally from the time we woke up until around 2-3 AM lol

    I just started reading it last night and I’m already ecstatic at all of Jayden’s screen time lol also, I kind of write the same I guess xD I plan it out in my head and then I get stuck on certain parts and don’t know what to do.

    Oh yeah, I hope you don’t mind me asking but you wouldn’t happen to have an Instagram would you? Do you mind if I follow you if you do? :3

    • Resident Evil 6?! Jealous!!
      I do! Feel free to follow me, I’m getting better at it and need more peeps to follow (90% of who I follow are dogs :D) It’s lisraawwrr
      …because I am still part dinosaur.

      • JinxyClover says:

        It was a lot of fun xD I don’t think I made my best friend laugh so much in her life

        My name is still the same lol because I’m uncreative and name myself after my dog 😛

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