Wild Writer Woes

I’m STILL HERE! I swear, I’ve just been stuck on one scene! It’s driving me crazy because I have everything else in the chapter of Wild Eyes done and dusted but the one scene I can’t get right. It’s like I have to be in the right mood to do it.

I’m probably overthinking it, but I want to make sure I have the right tone. I dunno, it’s a big one. I’ve been re-reading old chapters and some stories I love for inspiration. Not to mention, blasting Disturbed and Metallica whenever I can. BOOM.

My gameplan is to finish this one troublesome scene tonight or tomorrow so it’ll be released by the weekend. I’m sorry it’s taken this long. I’m not usually so anal, but to be honest my reviews have gone down slightly and I’ve become self-conscious. It’s a side effect from my regular paradoxical writing approach of ‘the lazy critic’. I’m super self-conscious of how I write… but too lazy to do anything about it once it’s done. Like, proofread? Pfft!

I’m babbling. But anyway! I want to nail this chapter and it’s frustrating waiting for my creative juices to flow. I’m thinking locking myself up in the dark with some coffee and Charmed re-runs should do the trick. Right?!

Foolproof plan!

See you by the weekend!

Wild Eyes Word Count: 28,456




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A self confessed nerd who loves to write, mostly about anything and everything. I made this blog in the hopes that people would (hopefully) visit it and learn more about the characters I use...mostly for my own entertainment, and an excuse to procrastinate actual schoolwork.
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