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So…How’s Your Monday Night?

In case anybody out there is curious of what my poor laptop has to see everytime I sit down to finish a chapter, this is probably why it hates me so much- Yep. Wide eyes with shadows, bags, a sheen … Continue reading

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August 23rd Update

Behold, my beloved readers, the current thorn in my side! Yes- Two exams in one week. 3,000 words in 6 days. I have to submit a day early because the US is ahead of my Australian school. And hurrah, both … Continue reading

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Weekend Update

I actually did stuff on the weekend! (Other than my regular hermit routine) I went rafting! Which was actually pretty darn scary as we flipped our raft. 9┬ápeople -instructor included- went flying into a class 4 rapid in a shallow, … Continue reading

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Pirates Inspiration + Heavy metal (with perhaps a hint of Harry Potter!)= Perfection

Wow, hearing this track makes me leap around the room stomping like some kind of head-banging ballerina! Does it not want to make you hang from a ceiling fan screaming while attempting to pirouette?! No? Just me? Okay! ­čśë Music … Continue reading

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When Keyboards Strike Back

KEYBOARD! WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?! Oh,┬áright.┬áPunch you endlessly. Well, I guess you had to get revenge sooner or later. For those of you wondering what the Devil (*snicker*) is taking me so long to get this freakin’ … Continue reading

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