July 2012


Hey All!


I feel kinda bad, I’ve neglected this blog- mostly bummed around on Tumblr instead. I do miss writing about writing, though. So I revamped it as I work on my stories! Hopefully it’ll come in handy some day- I’d like to further my writing in the future 🙂 hopefully release some original works, I dunno. Somehow people like my stories? I’d like to do more with them, maybe some more with Bandit or Dread- somehow the evil ones are always loved more 😉

Anyway, yeah…an update. I’m still a redhead teenager (at heart) young and stupid, I hate drawing attention to myself and love curling up into a ball in my bed typing away at my computer (Who I call Stewart II) and listening to my iPod (Silly Ninja Unicorn). I have about 2 close friends- one who listens to my rambling while I gulp down mixed berry smoothies and she smokes cigarettes, and the other who teaches me how to use the trains to get to College.

I study Journalism, and the time I should spend writing freelance stories I write for Fanfiction/Fictionpress instead- purely for my own enjoyment. Funny way to procrastinate but…#YOLO.

I love to party and have fun- I drive too fast and drink too much (NOT at the same time) all my characters are based off my friends and experiences in my life. I love talking to people, so if you need to ask me anything I’m always available (:

I’m hoping to update more about my life, ’cause I love to write an’ all XD


About dinosaursrdead

A self confessed nerd who loves to write, mostly about anything and everything. I made this blog in the hopes that people would (hopefully) visit it and learn more about the characters I use...mostly for my own entertainment, and an excuse to procrastinate actual schoolwork.
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