Trent (‘Jack’)

Trent Atwood

Song- “Dont Go” (Bring Me The Horizon)

Sexy Ginger above is Alan Ashby from Of Mice & Men. He is damn sexy and a damn good musician, perfect representation of what Trent is 😉

Trent was introduced as the “Psycho” of the group- the most hostile of the quartet. He appears to be the most daring and the one most eager to do the violent work. He began as the scariest character, but like all my OC’s he does have a sensitive side. He first came into the spotlight when he was the one to threaten young Mushi, cornering her in a lonsome alley and appearing as though he was about to rape her. Fanny and Dodge stopped him, but ever since then he’s been on the most wanted list (in my story) and showing his fierce nature.

He’s laid eyes on Mushi, claming her as his own and asking her to live with him. The stubborn girl that she is she accepts (despite him being 4 years older than her), and Trent really falls into the limelight. He reveals his sad past of abuse with his family, especially with his older brothers. He reveals (to himself) that the reason that he likes Mushi so much is that she projects an innocence he could never have, just like his childhood pet a puppy (which was really a tiny old dog that was a runt) that he kept and loved, but later his older brother Jayden killed out of spite.

Trent’s part in the group mainly revolves around his violence and his harsh and defensive nature. It seems as though the gang is all that he’s got, the only family he has. He’s willing to stand by them no matter what, but being the most guarded has it’s downsides, and the gang still sees him as the brat at times.

Trent’s stubbornness gets him in trouble- and all is revealed when it appears he can’t get over his ex- Bambi. Whoever Bambi is has a big impact on who Trent is, and he doesn’t seem to be able to get over what happened all those years ago with the elusive Bambi. He begins to push Mushi away and only wist away for his past relationship, something he is deeply ashamed of.

Will Trent stand up for what he loves?


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