Leyla Mathers

Meet the woman behind the boy, everybody.

Here is the elusive Leyla- the young mother of the notorious Dodge and Dread Mathers. She’s been a good secret up until now- always a source of mystery- a part of Dodge’s past he never wanted to admit to.

Leyla is first introduced as the only girl Dodge could ever trust. He not only suffered abuse at the hands of his father but also witnessed him abusing his mother as well. Leyla has had anything but an easy life- beginning when she was younger, growing up as part Aboriginal has left her on the wrong side of the tracks. Meek, sweet, innocent Leyla was always the victim- always the one isolated and ignored…

Except by one guy- and that was Jake šŸ˜‰

Leyla is sweet and caring, she is known as everybody’s mother- the closest thing that Dingo had to one while living in Australia. Despite the abuse she received, she stood loyal to her husband, Chris- even when he was incarcerated and a neglectful father. Leyla seemed to be the love that worked into Dodge’s heart- and you can see where he got his compassion and empathy from. She took care of her ‘babies’ and stood up for them no matter what, taking whatever they gave her. Dread even took out his own frustrations on her and hit her, just like he’d seen his father do. It seems no matter what he does, even when he was put in jail for murder, Leyla loves her kids regardless. She’s that kind of sweet, loving mother.

The above pictures were from a search engine of Leyla’s features (again, no idea who they are) but they picture Leyla perfectly- the image of innocence and sweetness, with the tan skin, petite figure and sweet face Leyla has.

But poor Leyla isn’t who you’d think she’d be. Raising terrors Dread and Dodge has taught her a lot and with her constant insistence that she’s “learned a few things” since her boys have left, who knows what this young mother is capable of?Ā Don’t let the sweet face fool you, Leyla probably packs more of a punch than anybody- and she’s ready to take down anybody that gets in her way- including kicking her own boys back into line.Ā One thing is for certain, she is sure to stir up some trouble with her boys- and she, as she always has been, will always be their mother- and probably their worst fear.

Maybe Jake’s too? šŸ˜‰


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