Jake Beatles 

Jake is the father everyone dreams of having, and just happens to be Dingo’s. He’s one of my favourite characters, because he shows so many elements of my own family and friends. He’s easy going and totally out there, more of a kid than an adult, but shows signs of maturity when it’s most needed. Jake to me is a real hippie child, as though he was born in Woodstock (only he’s too young) but I did make it a back story for him to be born at an AC/DC concert instead 😛

Jake is the younger brother of Wallabee’s father (who I named Derek). They never got along when they were younger, Derek always being straight laced and Jake with his head in the clouds, so when Derek travelled to the US of A to start his college education, Jake dropped out of school and followed his older brother, only to hitch hike around, following in the ‘family business’ of growing and selling pot. Derek completely ignored Jake, as Jake was a ‘mirror image’ of their father, but Jake being the loveable easy going guy he is stayed and bummed around causing trouble (as you do).

When he met Allie (who was 17 at the time) at a bar, he was only 16, and the two hit it off *cough* while bonding over tequila shots and suggestive jukebox music. At the time Allie was engaged to Derek (without Jake knowing) but after Derek cheated on her she ran off , let off some steam and that’s how she ended up preggars with Jake’s child. Jake, after finding out about Allie and Derek, felt guilty and went back home to Australia to sort himself out. Too late…

After finding out the child could not possibly be Derek’s, Allie eventually spilled the beans to her fiance who, for lack of a better word, freaked, but stayed with her anyway, and that’s how Dingo came to be. After 2 years, with tensions high and a new baby in the family, Allie sent Dingo to live with Jake, who was happily living his life as an 18 year old wild child.

Jake took on the sole parent role of Dingo, despite only just becoming an adult, and the two bonded and became closer. Jake was furious that Allie kept the secret from him, and Dingo was confused and upset at his mother leaving him, but despite that Dingo had an almost normal upbringing, bringing home more and more friends that Jake pretty much adopted as his own.

19 years later with Dingo being 21 and out on his own breaking bigger rules, Jake’s stepped up to the podium to pull Dingo back into line with his new unexplained trip to America. But how will Jake react when he’s found out that history has repeated itself?


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