Holly (‘Hollie’) Simpson

“You’re as delicious as your brother”

       –Chapter 10

You know when your boyfriend has an ex that always seems to be on your boyfriend’s tail? The girl who isn’t afraid to show a little skin to get attention, is willing to do anything to get what she wants and who thrives on attention? That…is Holly. I’m not saying these girls are the skanky whores that I portrayed Holly to be, they just have the beauty Holly seems to posess, as I first described her as a slender but curvy girl with dyed hair and dark eye makeup. Holly is naturally beautiful, but she abuses that blessing.

Holly named herself ‘Hollie’ as a part of her ‘disguise’ when she came to America to foll0w her ex boyfriend Dingo, who pretty much exploded on the spot when he saw her. He and Holly have a big history, a lot of which has not yet been explained. They were high school and even primary school sweethearts, even sharing their first kiss in kindergarten and having an on/off relationship throughout high school. As they grew older Holly tried more and more to get more involved into Dingo’s life, which pissed Dingo off. She tried drugs and even introduced some hard ones into their lives, just to show him up. This, as well as her constant need and desire to have him by her side, caused him to explode at her and push them into an abusive relationship- which Dingo is very ashamed about and downright refuses to even mention it.

Dingo has been described as a ‘Womanizer’ so obviously he has gone out with other girls, but Holly is his main star- the girl everyone feared. She has a feirce personality and loves to hang with the guys and her best pal Bonny (‘Bonnie’) and it is clear she considers herself part of the gang, nicknaming herself ‘Queen’ at one stage. She follows Dingo’s orders and is willing to do anything to gain approval for her actions, even if it means tearing people apart. She seduced Wallabee in order to split he and Kuki apart, and when Kuki got in her way she attacked her.

‘Hollie’ has been willing to do anything to gain Dingo’s attention again, and it is obvious to her that she is still emotionally attached to him, but whether she loves the guy who used to physically abuse her is a mystery. Lately she’s been shacking up with Trent, Bandit and Mushi. Will she cause more trouble than she’s worth?


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