Dread Mathers

“I didn’t escape, Beautiful… They let me out. I’m walking around legally. Cruel World, huh?”

-Chapter 30

Song- “Tears Don’t Fall” (Bullet For My Valentine)

Dread is Dodge’s older brother, and a polar opposite in terms of his personality XP. While Dodge is sweet, honorable and the source of reason- Dread is bitter, hateful, twisted and just plain insane! He was fist introduced as a shady chapter of Dodge’s past- a bitter reminder of what Dodge left behind, Dread seemed to be following in Dodge’s father’s footsteps of being abusive and cruel- he forced Dodge into the drug business and lashed out at anybody he could- famously stabbing someone at a young age. Dread’s my pride and joy villain. In my mind (at least when he was younger) he would resemble the guys above- a young Oli Sykes (from Bring Me the Horizon) and young Andy Sixx (Black Veil Brides). Dread, Dingo and Bandit all look pretty similar, as they all shared the style of kinda ’emo rocker’ when they were younger- lil’ rebellious devils they were.

Dread doesn’t seem to care for anyone- especially his family, and the only people he did care about was his band…except, of course, when ‘Bambi’ came into the picture…

Dread is possessive and abusive- especially seen in his relationship with Bandit started when they were teenagers. Hiding him away from the rest of the world, Bandit was the only thing that kept Dread going, even when he constantly cheated on him and abused him. As well as giving Bandit hell while they were going out, he is definitely most known for the fact he shot dead Bandit’s innocent best friend- Emma (‘Belle’) out of pure jealousy. But due to the lack of evidence he and his best friend Jayden got off without charge and now they’re being paid by Sandy and his cousins to hunt down Bandit and the rest of his friends for a giant payout…To put it simply. But Dread has other things on his mind- not only is he out for revenge, but he’s out to get his ex-boyfriend too.

So, with Dread and Jayden joining forces and acting as Bounty Hunters- will they succeed in their mission? And will he be able to have Bandit back in his clutches?


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