Dodge (‘Joker’)

Dodge Mathers (aka Joker)

“Nobody puts Cherry in a corner.”

                            –Chapter 22

Song- “You Stupid Girl” (Framing Hanley)

These two guys represent what Dodge looks like… If I knew them I’d be stalking them, I assure you. Dodge can be described as the heart, brains and common sense of the gang, which is why he’s named Joker. He’s sort of based off Ryan Atwood from the OC and Ponyboy Curtis from the book/movie The Outsiders. He has that innocence and kindness that at times the rest of the gang can’t understand, which sometimes separates him from his friends.

Dodge’s best friend is Dingo, and they have been that way ever since kindergarten. Dingo’s fatherJake has somewhat adopted Dodge as his second son, and they’re the only family Dodge seems to have. Dodge has a pretty bad past, which comes up at times. He was constantly abused and beaten up, which caused Dingo to invite him over more often to make him happy. Jake even quoted that Dodge was the first person Dingo seemed to show any kind feelings towards.

Dodge is the one who holds back his mates when they get into fights, and is there to talk some sense into them before they do something stupid. He is constantly faced with having to stand up to his friends, like the time he had to drag Trent back from seriously assaulting Mushi. Even though they may get annoyed at his ‘ethics’ and ‘smartness’ both the guys and the girls look up to him for advice.

Dodge first appeared as Dingo’s best friend. He accompanies him to a party where he meets Fanny and has a one nighter with her, though neither of them can remember the entire details due to the consumption of too much alcohol. He explains how he “doesn’t do relationships” (after Bonnie, who would?) but finds he can’t let her go, and after saving her (well, saving Bonnie) from a brawl outside a club they spend the night together and Dodge admits he loves her, despite not even knowing her name. He calls her Cherry, because of her hair colour.

One thing Dodge is really nervous about is his past, and how long can he keep his life with Fanny separate from his life in gang drug deals. He doesn’t want to lose her, but at the same time he can’t find a way to leave his mates either. What’s a guy to do?


One Response to Dodge (‘Joker’)

  1. Lexalicious says:

    Dodge is def my favorite OC! He is the kind of like your best guy friend that you have a crush on. Gah! I am so jealous of Fanny hahaha 😉

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