Dingo (‘Ace’)

Dingo Beatles

“I’m not going to let you go Abby…I’ll do whatever it takes to make you mine.”

-Chapter Six

Song- “Boys Like You” (360)

Ah, Dingo. He’d have to be my favourite OC…for no…particular reason… :). Hehe, the pictures are in my mind what Dingo would look like in real life (don’t know who they are…sadly)…he’s a babe that’s for sure. Dingo’s name was chosen keeping up with the Beatles tradition- named after a wild dog in the Australian Outback. Anyways, Dingo would be the closest thing to a villain in my fic, and he has some serious bad boy qualities (weew!). He’s first shown as being seriously hung up on his younger brother’s girlfriend Abby, and is stuck in some serious trouble when she reveals she’s pregnant with his baby. Of course this is hurtful drama to her, but Dingo takes it in his stride when he realises this can mean they were meant to be together…and hurting his younger brother’s feelings in the process. He seems convinced he’d make a great father, and is willing to do anything to make Abby his.

Dingo is possessive, merciless and troublemaking, but of course has a sensitive side. He is shown as a darker side of Wallabee, his Australian accent and bad boy behaviour becoming a suspicion under Wally’s gaze, especially when he so blatantly shows that he despises his younger brother (but not his youngest Joey) and it isn’t revealed why until his real father Jake comes to town looking for him.

Jake and Dingo have their own history back home in Australia, and Jake has been raising him ever since Dingo was 2, when his mother Allie abandoned him because of their history together. Both Jake and Dingo have never seemed to have forgiven her, but Jake is quicker to forgive than Dingo is, with his Mom being such a touchy subject and all.

Dingo’s had a long rocky history with his ex-girlfriend Holly (Now ‘Hollie’) who came to look for him months after he left without a warning. He seems to despise her as much as Wallabee, but forgives her every now and then when he needs something done, like breaking up Wally and Kuki.

Dingo is also known as Ace, the leader of his gang of friends that join together to mostly deal illeagal substances and threaten people. The gang started when he was 13, and he has been in strife with the law ever since. This never seems to bother Jake, as he’s done much worse. He’s mostly kept his secret life separate from the one he shows with Abby, but it won’t be long before more than one secret comes out, and he’s forced to face demons he’s been dreading ever since he was a toddler…


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