Bonnie (‘Bonny’) James

“I need Maccas or SUMTHIN’!”

-Chapter Ten

A character from Kim Possible’s up there because in terms of looks that’s exactly who I based Bonnie on- Bonnie! Bonnie changed her name to ‘Bonny’ (as Holly changed to ‘ie’) as a part of her so-called disguise when moving to America. She has cropped brown hair and looks a lot like the girls above (they have the same kind of beauty as her) who I don’t know their names…only Disney owns the real cartoon Bonnie 😛

Bonnie was mainly created to be Holly’s best friend, and she has been ever since kindergarten. The two are virtually inseparable, whether it’s getting their nails done, sneaking out, scheming or shopping. Just like Holly, Bonnie got into the bad books when she helped in separating Wallabee/Kuki and Hoagie/Fanny one night at a club, and she and Holly are looked at as the closest thing to villains.

Just as Holly dated Dingo, Bonnie dated his best friend, Dodge. As Dodge is just so sweet and kind hearted, it takes a lot to push him over the edge, and Bonnie did just that. Dim-witted and manipulative, Bonnie does just about anything to get people bowing down to her just as Holly does. Bonnie loves to party and have fun, just as Holly does, and she uses her body and looks to her advantage, just as Holly does. In fact, pretty much everything Holly does, Bonnie does too.

Even though Dodge has been her main target, even Bonnie can gather that he is growing close to hating her. Now they’ve finally secured their housing in Bandit and Trent’s apartment, where it is guaranteed that she can cause even more drama than usual, especially with Trent’s quick temper and Bandit’s gullibility. 

Lately Bonnie has been sneaking around and causing more trouble than usual…and Hoagie’s her main target. 😛


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