Bandit (‘King’)

Bandit Madden

Song- “I Don’t Care if You’re Contagious” (Pierce the Veil)

Ah, Bando. He has to be one of my favourite characters to write, he’s so enegetic and hyped up…which is half due to the drugs he appears to consume, but otherwise it’s the neverending life Bandit seems to have. Bandit, like the rest of the gang, has had a hard upbringing at one point or another, one random quote I wrote for him was “It’s not my fault…I was born doped up” and it would be a bit of an inside joke, because it would be true. Some newborns are born addicted to heroin because their mother’s are such heavy users, and they’d have to be fed their addiction or they’ll die. That was a sort of sad backstory for Bandit, and ever since then he’s been a character close to my heart 🙂

The guy above I think projects Bandit’s energy and sometimes hyperactiveness, plus he is ulta hot 😀 (don’t know who he is, some guy on a bebo website).

Bandit is commonly the comic relief, when everyone else is sad, moody and serious, Bandit would always be cheery and cheeky, mostly seen with his iPod singing to P!nk or a corny 80’s number. He reminds me of a happy, dopey dog that just wants to be friends with everyone. This also comes down to, out of everyone in the group, is the one with the most girls under his belt. Bandit loves almost everything and everyone, and is always eager to make friends and crack jokes. He is the least serious one of the group, and insults aimed at him seem to bounce off him with his cheerful cluelessness.

But of course, like all the happy cheery little vegimites out there, not everything is all sunshine and rainbows in Bando’s world. He has a dark past that not even he can escape, he has a big secret everyone is keeping for him, and something even he doesn’t want anyone to know about. When Mushi moves in and Trent claims her as his own, Bandit only seems to be pushed further to the edge, seeming to lose himself in the process. Is this all part of his reaction to his best friend’s girlfriend, or is there something more behind Bandit’s secret he doesn’t want to share?

…And what if Bandit’s past is right on his tail?


One Response to Bandit (‘King’)

  1. Gingersnaps says:

    I love this guy ❤ He's so adorable and full of energy but I'm the later chapters my heart really goes out to him. I hope the guys can save him!

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