Own Characters

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these peoples…though I must admit they are smexy 🙂

Yep- My own creations 😀 They’re mean, they’re lean and they’re here to stay! (At least…in my tales they are) I have to admit my creativity does go a little overboard, and I do spend a lot of time on characterisation, but…well…yeah.

Anyways these are my own OC’s. I’m happy to know that most of the feedback about them has been positive, except for the people I did not want positive feedback about because they are…well…villains at the time. I thought about the KND, and the fact that because they’re kids, that’s how their villains are formed. But now that they’re grown up and in College, who could they possibly fight? So the evil lightning crackled around me as I formed these dudes and dudettes, and sometimes I think they’re taking on a life of their own…but at least getting some fans on the way!


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