Wally (Numbah 4)

Wallabee Beatles

Wallabee’s a key character in my story, and he’s changed slightly from his original 10 year old self, as you can see by the above pictures of what he looks like :P. The first is some model (idk the name) and I think the other is Joe Brooks again, but I think it looks different from the other so…yeah.

Wally’s main drama is at first his love life, his current girlfriend can unfortunately not compare to his past love Kuki, who’s back from Japan after 10 years. He doesn’t want to hurt Abby, but at the same time he can’t lie to her either. When Abby breaks it off with him he’s devastated that he hurt her feelings, but at her assurance he begins his new relationship with Kuki, completely happy. A particuarly memorable moment was when he was forced to serenade her, just to show he cared 🙂

Love isn’t the only drama that Wally has, he recently found out he has an older brother- a 21 year old named Dingo. At first meeting the two didn’t really click, and suspicions arose with Wallabee about why he hasn’t known about his older brother this entire time. He kept a fair distance from Dingo and encouraged his younger brother Joey and his then-girlfriend Abby to do the same, but the warning had no effect.

Dingo strives to make Wallabee’s life Hell, which Wally is quick to pick up on. When Dingo decides to destroy Wallabee’s perfect relationship with Kuki it results in a brawl between the two (the clear winner unknown). He has grown smarter (as hinted at in INTERVIEWS) and has some successes shown in his classes, but he is completely oblivious to the fierce fued that is existing in his family between his mother Allie, uncle Jake and father Derek.

But he has his own dramas to worry about, and many more to come 😛


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