Rachel (Numbah 362)

Rachel McKenzie


           –Chapter 4

The girls above were found on a site model’s site, and they are the perfect models to show what my Rachel looks like 🙂 Pretty, innocent, sweet and boistrous. Rachel has barely changed since she was Supreme Leader, and she is still the same level headed, sweet person she always was. She has a minor role (sadly), as Nigel’s girlfriend and best friend to all, helping and supporting her friend’s when they need her. She was first there to meet Kuki and show her around, and be there for Fanny when she was having guy trouble. She supported Nigel when he needed her most, and her dreams came true when she realised the love she had for him was returned.

Rachel’s main cause for stress is Lizzie, who refuses to leave her alone and is consistently  trying to cause trouble. She has gotten to Rachel, causing her to lash out at Nigel when she suspected him cheating on her with Abby. Her suspicions come from her past love Chad, a 22 year old cop who cheated on Rachel when they were going out, but yet still has feelings for her years later.

Rachel always seems to be there to lighten the mood and to give a shoulder to cry on. It was her idea that Wally should introduce some ‘Disney’ in his life to win Kuki back, and she always seems to want to throw a party.

But Rachel may face some drama that not even she can handle… 


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