Nigel (Numbah 1)


Nigel Uno

Thought this guy (above) would be a perfect picture of what Nigel looks like in my story, because let’s face it, he is gorgeous 😀 😀 :D. He’s obviously a model or something…anyway, Nigel is less of the leader in the future, as the rest of his crew have grown up and taken control of their own lives. But that doesn’t stop them from turning to their old leader for help and guidance, as he’s a pretty smart cookie. He’s still the powerful, domineering guy he was before, only with more muscle 🙂 I imagined he’d be like this in the future, anyways.

Nigel is one of the first people to notice Abby’s strange behaviour, and he’s one of the first people she admitted she was pregnant to. He’s still best friends with everyone, but isn’t afraid to admit the truth, as he does with Wally when he finds out he cheated on Abby.

His main love interest is Rachel McKenzie, and the two get together after Rachel’s party in chapter four. His Ex-Girlfriend Lizzie is consistently trying to break them up, and causes rifts between them- especially when she takes a picture of Abby and Nigel together. Rachel gets suspicious, but the two sort out their differences.

Nigel is least of Sector V mentioned in my story, because I figured…if anyone had drama, he’d be the one to first sort it out. 10YFN opened with Nigel fed up with Lizzie’s antics, and confessing his feelings for Rachel, which was soon sorted out. For the rest of his part, he’s there for his teammates when they need him, for a shoulder to cry on or to rely on him to smack them across the head if they’re being stupid. 



One Response to Nigel (Numbah 1)

  1. shejams says:

    Nigel is my favorite KND character. He’s cool and I love his accent. He is funny and I think he is adorable the way he reacts to situations. He is serious and silly at the same time and that is what endear him to me.
    I think I love this cartoon more than my kids. Don’t know why I just do. (maybe it reminds me of my own childhood and our wild imaginations) LOL
    Anyway I like that you posted pictures on how you’d think they look when older.
    I don’t know if you ever seen the TV series Prison Break, but I always pictured an adult Nigel as “Michael Scofield” played by Wentworth Miller.
    He’s hot too, very intelligent and a natural born leader with a plan. (also always have his hair shaved or cut very close) Your choice is good too!!
    Anyway I hope to see him a tad bit more in your story. (huge fan of your fic) I just miss him a little.

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