Mushi Sanban

Above is Mushi’s three looks, the outside ones being the one before her future makeover. All three of these girls are from a site on Bebo I went to, so I don’t know their names or anything…sorry if it’s you again :P. But they’re all pretty, just as I imagine Mushi to be. Before her makeover (by Bonny and Hollie in future chapters) she’s a simple sweet innocent girl (her hair slightly lightened by her dye job) and then Hollie and Bonny glam her up.

Young Mushi, far from being the supposedly innocent villain she was 10 years ago, had now bitten off more than she can chew when she leaves Japan to be with her boyfriend Sandy, who she soon finds out is in debt to a gang of drug dealers (Dingo’s gang). She promises to stand by him (Despite being 16 years old) but that is soon regretted when he runs off and leaves her to deal with the gang’s threats of violence.

Mushi finds quick condolance in Fanny, but soon leaves to make her own path. She is quick to cover her own tracks and anxious to prove her own independance, anything that separates her from the ‘regular teenage screw up’. She’s anxious not to let her parents know of how much trouble she’s in, and will go to any lengths to stay independent.

To keep that self reliance and freedom, she is willing to try anything…even if it means shacking up with Trent, one of the gang members who assaulted her. He seems sweet and innocent enough, but does yound Mushi know what trouble she’s getting into when it comes to Trent?



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