Kuki (Numbah 3)

Kuki Sanban

Here are pictures of what I imagine Kuki looking like in my story ^.^ I don’t know who they are (again, sorry if they’re you) but they are sweet and cute, and project the very imagine I imagine Kuki to be- innocence. She hasn’t changed much over the years, and she’s probably the one whose changed the least. She’s still the same innocent, sweet young girl she always was, and still loves her Rainbow Monkeys. Kuki is the main opening of the story, arriving back home from Japan to find her friend’s very different from who she left behind 10 years ago. The story somewhat revolves around the romance between Wallabee and Kuki, the love they share together and the struggles they come across.

The first hurdle Kuki faces is her love for Wally, but how he is taken by none other than her roomate and friend Abigail Lincoln, who used to be her best friend. She loves him, and he loves her back, but she is scared about meeting him again. When they meet at Rachel’s party, an undenable attraction appears between them and they can no longer deny their feelings. They soon passionately kiss while Wally is still seeing Abby, and the two feel guilty about the escapade, but they are already caught and Abby breaks it off with Wally, but amazingly encourages him to still see Kuki.

Life would be like a fairytale for Kooks at that point, but guilt and paranoia get the better of her and she starts worrying about Abby and Wally’s past together, that they shared an intimate relationship and she wasn’t there, and she starts fearing they have an unbreakable connection. At some points she feels threatened and jealous. Despite these fears, Kuki feels undeniably happy with Wallabee around…despite the fact his mother (Allie) appears to dislike her.

But could Kuki’s happiness be short lived when Abby’s secret is revealed?


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