Hoagie (Numbah 2)

Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr.

“Hoagie- You are NOT becoming a waitress.”

-Wally, Chapter Three

I kinda imagined Hoagie lookin’ like these guys above. One’s a totally random guy I just found and the other is Joe Brooks, I think that’s his name. He’s lost his puppy fat, and gained some charm. He’s changed a lot since childhood, and is no longer the chubby nerd whose only interest was cracking puns, now he’s grown into a somewhat mature young man. His main issue within the first chapters is having a crush on his best friend’s girl- Abigail Lincoln. Wallabee and Abby had been going out for some time and Hoagie had loved her even before that, so you can imagine what the poor guy was feeling.

When it dawns on him that Abby seems completely out of reach, he then notices his friend Frances (Fanny) Fullbright, and asks her out on a date, much to her delight. The night ends in catastrophe, however, when Hoagie is taken by Bonny who seduces him and they end up making out on the dancefloor with Fanny watching. She is shortly swept into the arms of Dodge, and Hoagie faces betrayal and regret at losing his one chance with a girl he thought he actually loved.

Hoagie soon faces more drama when he quits his work and instead follows a path of destruction drinking, entering into a deeper and darker depression. Who should pick him up but Bonny- who could be described as the cause of the entire mess. Can Hoagie ever get back on his feet again?


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