Fanny (Numbah 86)

Frances (Fanny) Fulbright

Possibly the character that has changed the most, Fanny still has some of the fierce, feministic, almost bipolar personality that she had when she was a kid, but it has significantly withered now that she’s 19 and almost all grown up. First introduced as the shy girl who has a crush on a guy who barely notices her (Hoagie) she lets loose one night at a party and ends up having a one night stand with mysterious bad boy Dodge (‘Joker’), who seems to have a soft side for her. When her dream comes true and she is invited out on a date with Hoagie, she jumps at the opportunity, only to be let down hard when she sees him hooking up with another girl (Bonny).

Fanny is the first person to notice young Mushi around town, and seems to show a great interest in her, especially what she’s doing back. She supports her and encourages her to find help, but Mushi brushes her off after she gets back onto her feet and after Fanny helps her get a job.

A fairytale romance seems to bloom when Dodge realises he can’t let go of the redheaded stranger, despite that he never even got her name(calling her ‘Cherry’). She calls him when she suspects he may be involved in harsh acts towards Mushi, but when these worries are brushed aside she clumsily realises she’s falling for him too, and the two are brought together while she is mercilessly beating up his ex-girlfriend Bonny outside a bar. True Romance. (L) And they barely know each other’s names.

Also what’s changed is Fanny’s kickass look. It was hard, let me tell you, to get nice photos of redheaded girls that bared a resemblence to what I want Fanny to look like, and she does resemble the girls above. They’re all nameless, unfortunately, all models. But they’re pretty 🙂 Just as Fanny is, even though she doesn’t appear to notice.

More Love problems may be just around the corner for this girl…


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