Allison Beatles

*Sigh* Of course I know the models above me aren’t almost 40, but it’s the closest I could get to my vision of what I think Allie would look like…only most of the time she’s less happy. Allie of course is an OC, but really she’s an original character from the show that I’ve just given a distinct personality to. She’s Wallabee’s mother, of course, and in the show we barely see her face, let alone hear her talk, so…to me, in my stories, she’s Allie 😛

I call her Allie, but as she says, only one person in the world calls her that rather than her real name Allison, Jake. Allie was caught in the middle of an estranged love triange when she was 17, between her fiance and his brother, and on top of it all she was pregnant with her first child Dingo. Even though she loved Jake, she couldn’t deny she loved Derek (her fiance) more, and went on to forgive and love him. Jake accepted, and Allie tearfully watched him leave. But as soon as Dingo was born it was obvious he was Jake’s, and Derek and Allie’s relationship was tense and barely existent. They recovered, however, and two years later Derek finally had a son Wallabee.

In the early years Allie was constantly divided between Dingo and Wallabee, Dingo getting jealous and hateful of his younger brother and always wanting his mother’s attention. Allie eventually sent him to Jake, an act which she thought was cruel but necessary at the time. Dingo’s never forgiven her, which seems to have a great effect on her.

Allie has recently been one of the first to discover Abby’s secret, as she can recognise the feelings of loneliness and desperation Abby seems to be giving, as Allie can relate (having been in the same situation of pregnancy before), but so far she doesn’t know the entire story…how will she react when she’s found out history has repeated itself? And how will her marriage hold together once her husband finds out she’s been getting closer to her ex-lover?

She’s definately the most exciting Mom I know 😉


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