Abby (Numbah 5)

Abigail Lincoln

Abby- long gone are the days where she was just the cool kid with all the right karate moves, and long gone are the days where the only enemies to fight were her sister and Father. Little Abigail has grown and now has much bigger, better demons to battle :P. Above are Beyonce and Ashanti (John Tucker Must Die) which I imagine Abby would look like. I have to admit, Abby is one of my favourites, and I put a lot of thought into her :P. I imagine her lookin’ just like those ladies above, as she is described as being one of the most lusted after girls in the College, and has a beauty all her own.

This can lead to trouble, as Abigail opens with. She first opens as a distressed young girl, in big trouble as she finds herself knocked up by someone other than her boyfriend- his own older brother. Upset and anxious, she goes along like nothing’s wrong and makes plans to leave, but Dingo (the father of her baby) has too strong of a grip on her, and she finds she can’t tell Wally nor anyone else what’s going on. Instead she bides her time, put under constant pressure from her parents and Cree, whose wedding is driving her insane.

Her main priority is her baby, which she believes is a boy. Nigel is the first to find out, and encourages her to tell others before they notice her swelling stomach. She eventually tells her parents, but can’t seem to find the courage to tell Wallabee, especially who the father is. She is at constant battle with Dingo, who is anxious to have her all to himself and his baby, yet would never cross her. Despite the love she feels for him, one of her best friends Maurice warns her that Dingo isn’t what he seems, which seems to stick in her head.

As the months seem to go by, her pregnancy becomes more and more noticeable, times running out…

Something’s got to give…


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