Original Characters

Disclaimer: I own none of the photos on this page, I got these from various websites. Sorry if like, these are you or anything…hehe, awkward…

Sector V

Sector V’s in my story, but they’re pretty different. They each have their own childhood characteristics that they’ve kept, but now they’re in College, a totally different world. They have changed a lot since they were 10 years old, and that shows in the drama and conflict they are forced to face in my story…because I make them 😀

Also, other members of the KND show up, even though they may not be part of Sector V. These are Rachel (362) and Fanny (86). They’re a part of the story just as much as Sector V is. Other operatives (who are now teenagers) include Tommy, Lee, Sonia and Shawnie. And, of course, the enemy turned adults Cree,  her new fiance Maurice and his work colleague Chad.

Family appear too, mostly centered on Wally’s (4) family dramas, but also Abby’s (5) family, and to a minor extent Hoagie’s (2)parents.


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