10 Years From Now

“Kuki’s come back from Japan after 10 years, ready for College. How has Sector V changed in that amount of time? Will they still be the same people she left behind or a totally different bunch?”

This story came to mind when I started wondering about the future KND, especially now that the show is…officially over (*sob*). But then, as my twisted little mind would think, I wondered how cool it would be to add some of my own twisted little characters into the plot, grabbing their happy little world and turning it on it’s head!

Some betrayal, secrets, brutality and some drug deals later, 10 Years From Now came into mind, and it has been my most favouritest story to write.

This story is one I worry about, because when writing Fanfiction you have to keep in mind that the original characters from the cartoon have to be as accurate as possible, with barely any Original Characters in the main plot. But I, being the rebellious, crazy writer I am, came up with many Original Characters, and they all fit into their own little storylines with the characters from the show.

One of the main storylines for this story, for example, is Abby (Numbah 5). From the very beginning she’s seen in a relationship with Wallabee (Numbah 4). This, to fans, is inconcievable, as Wallabee is meant to be with Kuki (Numbah 3) anybody whose ANYBODY knows that! But alas, that’s me 😀

If that isn’t enough, Abby’s been unfaithful. If that isn’t enough it’s with her boyfriend’s older brother. And if that isn’t enough she’s pregnant. There’s the added bonus that Wallabee’s older brother is hot! But, that’s my own creativity talking. 😉

This story may not be much, but it means a lot to me. I love writing this story and it keeps me from stabbing myself in the eye with a pencil while I study. Many others take a break by mindlessly watching TV or a DVD or something, but I love to write. The characters of this story are an imprint of my own supposed creativity, and when people say they like them…that’s the best compliment I could get :P.

So this is my story, and this is the URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4620672/1/10_Years_From_Now 


2 Responses to 10YFN

  1. Angelynn kai says:

    Hey, I just randomly found this story on FanFiction and I love it. Are you gonna finish it(:? Just wondering.

    • Hi Angelynn!
      I’m so happy you like my story! 10YFN means a lot to me… I would LOVE to finish it but (and I hate to sound weird saying this) I kind of have a weird relationship with it. The characters in it relate a lot to my past that I left behind- including the… eh… not so nice ones. It’s strange to get back in their minds. I would love to finish it, but I’m more than likely to write an original story for them. After all, I love my characters still 🙂

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