Oooookay… it looks like I have some explaining to do!

This is how I’ve basically been feeling the last three months-


So. First of all, February was H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. I had to complete 6 10 week courses in 5 weeks. It was terrible. Every night I was working on a big assignment. Bleh. WHYYY did I want to become double-endorsed again? I don’t know.

February was also Hell because of edTPA. EdTPA is the bane of my existence and the reason I curled into a ball every night. It’s the licencing portfolio required for teaching. It is 50+ pages of pure torture and 5 days of filming condensed into 10 minutes that basically allows the fine state of Florida (I’m in Oregon) to determine whether you can become a teacher.

In other words, yeah. Hell.

March looked brighter, so I started working on my beloved chapter of Wild Eyes. Here I was, innocently ploughing away on my chapter… writing dutifully every day… finally getting over the intense Hellfire of my February term…

When my laptop totally fried. 

I couldn’t save anything! My harddrive was connected to an external network (old work computer, courtesy of my mother) and it was totally wiped in an update.

To save you the horrific details that describe my waking up one morning to find my 16,000+ words erased from the world forever, here is a visual example-


Thank you, Squidward! You speak the words of my soul!

Theeeeeeennnnn…. APRIL!

Well, the end of March.


Before I even finished my Masters- I landed my DREAM JOB just 15 minutes away. Language Arts teacher. 7th grade to 12th grade. ARGH. GAH. I’m still not over it. I am so psyched. I AM HIRED. I AM A REAL TEACHER. I START IN SEPTEMBER.

For now, I’m still student teaching. So, I still feel like this most of the time-


Studying and teaching. YAY!?

It really is a relaxing break, compared to the Winter Term from Hell. But it’s been hard. I have tried to get right back into chapter 29 of Wild Eyes, but I still feel sad about losing my first chapter. It was a LOT of work I was proud of, and to do it all over again gets my blood boiling. I’ve tried to challenge myself to write another chapter- a better chapter!- and so far, I have written about 10,283 words of chapter 29. Aiming to finally finish it around the 25,000 mark by middle of May. School should slow down by then. Should. I hope. I beg. I plead. I graduate in June, so at the very least I’m hoping by then.

This does get me down, because I had a plan. I HAD A PLAN! I was supposed to be finished by now! I don’t feel like a real writer at all and it depresses me. I feel like I let you guys down. That’s why it’s taken so long to write an update after my laptop crashed. I’m truly sorry. I wanted to finish Wild Eyes by now. Ugh. I have so many plans for what’s next and yet I can’t, because it’s not finished!

Gah. I’m sorry. Truly hope this next chapter makes up for it.







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Happy 2018!



Okay, I know it doesn’t sound like, wow amazing, but it is to me! I can finally breathe! Well…kinda. Once I get my cast off. Apologies for the Snapchat filter, but it’s the only way I can hide the hideous bruising on my face. They really broke my nose good. I don’t know how anyone can break my nose bad , per se… but at least they broke it the right way! My septum is healing, stitches are dissolving and Dino is on her way to recovery!

Anyway- update! So, the surgery kind of knocked me around a bit. Completely threw me off my plan. I was on a lot of medications after the operation that left me a little drowsy and knocked out. I’ve never had surgery before, so I wasn’t expecting such a reaction. I couldn’t wear glasses or contacts for about a week, either so I couldn’t focus on my computer screen for too long.

As a result, Wild Eyes has suffered D: I’m behind in my writing and I can’t stand it! GRRR. Stupid nose. Bane (heh) of my existence.

So, I’ve been working on a smaller version of my originally-planned chapter. I’m hoping to finish editing and start review replies today. I’m not sure how I’ll go, because even though I haven’t begun my second placement yet, my Master’s degree has started and I have a ton of homework (bleh). Here’s hoping I can get through everything today!

Happy Saturday, Ya’ll!

Wild Eyes Word Count: 26,503

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GAH. December?!

Well. Let me start by saying my whirlwind is continuing. I’m sorry for being so quiet for this long (months?!), but I’ve been trying hard to get my Masters Degree and working on my practice edTPA and questioning my life choices, and all. edTPA is Hell. But teaching is surprisingly fun! Today was my last day and I was actually pretty sad about it.

Also, I’ve been packing up a bunch of stuff because I’m moving! Three hours away, in a place blind to internet reception. GAH. I don’t know how I’ll survive.

Anyway my life’s been so chaotic I feel like I never get any time to write. Whenever I do, I feel guilty that I’m not doing schoolwork or planning lessons. It sucks. At least with moving, I won’t have Netflix to distract me, so I should be able to get more writing down! Uh… I hope!

So my life is a little hectic right now, aaaand I’m a little behind in my schedule for Wild Eyes, but I’m on break now! I’m hoping to have the next chapter out before or after Christmas- which means THIS MONTH- DECEMBER. Yes. Let’s do it!

Currently my word count for Chapter Twenty Eight is 12,899, so I’m about halfway done. December… let’s do it!

Until then, I will leave you with what I like to call ‘Bane’s Song’. By Bane’s song, I mean it includes romance, necrophilia, death and Hell- so listeners beware! 😉


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September went by in a whirlwind and now it’s already the 7TH OF OCTOBER. Seriously WHAT.

I’m sorry I’ve been so silent lately. I’ve been so busy with school that I hardly ever stop to take a breath. I drive over 100 miles every day to get to school, do assignments for condensed 5 week terms and NOW I’m having to actually teach which is horrific for me in itself. Let me tell you- teaching does nooooot come naturally! Kids have judging faces these days!

Buuuuut anyway. It’s bad enough I’m stuck with schoolwork, but my worst nightmare has come before Halloween in the form of-



It’s not so much I don’t know what’s coming. I do, I’ve been planning my stories and know what’s ahead. My problem is actually writing. I feel like I’m just writing the action to get it over with, and none of the emotion is attached. I keep looking back at old writing and taking breaks with other writing, but I still feel myself stumble.

It sucks! Especially when writing is something I want to put effort in, but I’m so mentally exhausted by assignments and teaching everyday that it’s like my brain is running on empty.


So, this is a note to say I’m pushing through I’m more than halfway through the next chapter of Wild Eyes while so many of these plot bunnies for my original stuff are still jumping around in my head. This next chapter will be a small one, so I’m hoping it’ll be out before the end of the month- when my big assignments are due.

All I can say at this point is… wish me luck!

Wild Eyes Word Count: 16,587 


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I am officially committing to National Novel Writing Month! Yes, it is the same month I will finally stand in front of a class and talk and teach *eep!*…

But at the moment I don’t care. I am DOING IT!

…Now to just pick from one of my many plot bunnies…

If anyone else is partaking in National Novel Writing Month- add me as a friend! I’m still getting used to the site, be patient with me!

(Name is DinosaursRDead, of course ;P)


At the moment I have a plot bunny surrounding Cass and Rome that I’m keen to start on. One of the few plots I’ve actually finished! I’m more of a pantser than a plotter, I’m realising.

Wild Eyes Word Count: 8,322 words.


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August. August? AUGUST?!



I mean- HELLO MY LOVELY READERS! I hope I find you well!

Okay. Yeah. I know. I suck. Majorly. I left you hanging- again. But I promised an update a month and I am working hard on that August update! I am currently at 32,138 words and have editing and review replies to do- and then I am done!

I’m sorry it’s taken this long. See, I was all prepared for another update in July, but then I started my Master’s Degree and… ugh. I was so naive. I’m not joking when I say it’s about three hours of study a night. And now, I’m off campus and in a school placement- so basically I’m back in high school at an unpaid internship… which is always fun -_-.

I’m in an accelerated Masters Program where it takes *only* ten months to get teaching credentials but that means all of my units are packed together, which means I get about six assignments a week with readings on top of that.

But don’t despair! (She says as she drowns in coffee) Writing is the only thing that pretty much gets me back on track these days. I miss my writing, and now that I have my full plan for Wild Eyes, it’s just a matter of staying on track- timeline-wise. Plus, I have some amazing mentor teachers (I have two, because I am dual endorsed like the fool I choose to be 8|) who let me do some assignments in class when it’s quiet. By assignments, I mean… writing Fanfiction… because I am a mature adult, and all ;).

I’ll leave you now with a promise for an update- either tomorrow or the day after (still counts!)  and my three moods for the month of August-



*Drink Responsibly!*

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Another Friday Update!

Updates always seem to come to me on Fridays! Funny how that is. I guess it’s been a slow week what with the public holiday right smack-bang in the middle of the week, but a lot has happened! I finally, finally got all my documents in to be assessed for my foreign degree and I’m FINALLY IN! I was officially accepted into my Masters degree just yesterday! WOOP!

But this means when I start classes in August I’ll be bogged down with class work. It’s a hard year-long course with a lot of commitment towards the classroom, including Saturdays! *Gulp*. Not looking forward to that, but I am psyched that I am FINALLY a Masters student! *Happy dance*.

Anyway- back to writing news! My chapter is done! By ‘done’, I mean… in need of some editing. But it’s done! I’m hoping today I can do a final proofread and have it up by tonight. It’s been a hard couple of days finishing my big final scene! Luckily, I’ve had my own cheer squad-


So *cracks knuckles* wish me luck today! I’m at work and one of my coworkers brought her cute kid in… I’m being suckered in with cute My Little Pony colouring pages. Eep!

Current Wild Eyes Word Count: 43,987

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